■ Booths are priced at EUR 100 / m2 (excl. VAT)

■ Standard booths available in 8, 16, 20, 24 and 48 m2 sizes


■ Octanorm booth structure

■ Ligting and power connection

■ Sign board with company logo

■ One-time cleaning prior to the trade show opening

■ Inclusion in the List of Exhibitors on the PLACE2GO website

■ Inclusion in the List of Exhibitors in the PLACE2GO Trade Show Catalog

■ Inclusion in the PLACE2GO Trade Show App

■ Grey carpet

■ Wi-Fi


■ Furniture

■ Additional promotion on the trade show exhibition floor (paid in addition to base booth price)

■ Additional sign boards (on multiple-exhibitor booths)


■ 24m2 or larger exhibit spaces are available for lease

■ At 70 EUR / m2 (excl. VAT), the exhibit space lease rate is just 30% lower than the installed booth rate

■ The lease rate includes a carpeted space and a power connection

1. 1. Select a location on the floor plan in accordance with your exhibit space size requirements.

2. Fill out the Order Form or request one via email.

3. Send the filled out Order Form via email to the PLACE2GO representative at matej@place2go.hr

4. Once we receive your Order Form, we will mark your selected location on the layout plan and send you a 30% deposit invoice.

5. Your selected exhibit space will be reserved once the deposit invoice amount is visible on our bank account.

DATA Official Catalogue

If you would like to be included in the official catalog of the fair, please contact us until 1st of March 2020 with the following information:
•    The full name of the company
•    Address
•    Official phone
•    E-mail and web address of the company

 If you want to rent the space in the official catalog of the fair, you can do so under the terms of item 5 of the application form.

  General exhibition conditions


1. Organizer

All fair events under the name “Place2go” are organized by Place2go d.o.o. located at Zagreb, Kosirnikova 17 (hereafter Organizer).

2. Application and participation confirmation

For participation in the Place2go fair, Exhibitors conclude a written Contract of the Lease of Space (hereafter Application) with the Organizer. Based on the completed and certified Application, a Proposal for the participation in the Fair is sent to the Exhibitor. The position of the exhibition space is chosen by the Exhibitor, based on the floor plan of the fairgrounds with inscribed and numbered exhibition spaces. The final application date is indicated on the Application. The deadline for ordering other services is the deadline indicated on the order forms.

3. Exhibition space

A furnished exhibition space is a space minimally equipped with carpet, partition walls (height of 250 cm), separated from neighboring exhibition spaces, and an electrical connection that is used exclusively for the presentation of products and services: TV, plasma, video, DVD, and maximum of 1 cooled showcase. The exhibition spaces are lightened with a sufficient amount of reflectors. A partially furnished exhibition space is a space equipped with carpet and an electrical connection. The Exhibitor may order additional inventory as necessary (tables, chairs, information booths, stands, hangers), which is additionally charged according to the prices as stated in the Catalog for additional inventory. Orders for additional inventory are sent to the Organizer or one of his partners in written form no later than 20 days before the beginning of the Fair. An external exhibition space is considered to be the exhibition space found in front of the main entrance in the closed area of the Fair, and is sufficiently lighted and intended exclusively for displaying automobiles and other vehicles. If an Exhibitor engaging in other types of activities would like to carry out an exhibition on the external exhibition space, he/she must arrange the details of such exclusively with the Fair Organizer.

4. Costs of exhibition spaces

The cost of a furnished exhibition space is 760 HRK/m2 (100 EUR / m2),

5. Payment conditions

The Organizer will issue a Proposal to the Exhibitor for the services ordered. The payment deadline is 7 days from the date of issuance of the Proposal (in this term, the Organizer is obliged to retain the reserved exhibition space based on the Application, and upon its lapse, the reservation is automatically cancelled). If the Exhibitor does not settle the amount stated in the Proposal at least 30 days before the beginning of the Fair, they will not be able to participate in the Fair. Upon payment of the proposal, the Exhibitor receives an invoice. If the Exhibitor orders additional services from the Organizer throughout the duration of the Fair, which is possible with applications form, an Invoice will be issued immediately after the end of the Fair, and the Exhibitor is obliged to settle the Invoice 10 days from the day stated on the Invoice. With each overdue day concerning the payment of the Invoice, the Organizer will calculate interest on arrears. If the Exhibitor requests a reclamation on a part of the Invoice, the undisputed part of the Invoice must be settled according to the conditions of the Organizer. The reclamation of the Invoice must be delivered to the Organizer in written form no later than 10 days from the issue date of the Invoice. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted. Foreign/nonresident Exhibitors will be exempt from paying VAT.

6. Participation cancellation

If the Exhibitor proposes the cancellation of their Application to the Organizer in written form at least 30 days before the beginning of the Fair and if the Organizer accepts it, the Exhibitor will be invoiced only 50% of the contracted value. The Organizer cannot accept the cancellation of participation within 30 days of the beginning of the Fair, therefore the applicant will be invoiced for the ordered space and for all executed services to that date. If the interval and place of the Fair must be changed due to “higher forces”, the participation Application will be valid for the new term. The Exhibitor does not have the right to cancel or make any other requests, nor seek compensation from the Organizer due to damage.

7. Special provisions

Authorization to execute any marketing or other actions on the Fair grounds, outside the exhibition space of the Exhibitor (booth organization, catering, sales, filming and similar) is given exclusively by the Organizer in written form. An authorized person for receiving all notifications and materials from the Organizer is considered to be someone found at the Exhibitor’s booth, represented as a Fair participant with valid accreditation. Economic propaganda activities on the Fair grounds can be organized exclusively in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. All activities that interfere with the actions of Exhibitors and visitors are prohibited. The Exhibitor is liable for the music played on the Fair grounds, which is subject to the Copyright Law. The Organizer will not be held responsible for the material liability of originated obligations. Press conferences on the Fair grounds will exclusively be convened by the Organizer, and every media appearance organized by an Exhibitor, which is in connection with the Fair, must be reported to the Organizer no later that 24 hours before its realization.

8. Advertising space

Advertising space is considered to be all areas outside of the exhibition space, regardless of its dimensions, under the condition that it does not interfere with the other Exhibitors. The Exhibitor may use the advertising space if it is approved by the Organizer. Advertising space is charged in accordance with the valid rates of the Organizer.

9. Other technical information

The Organizer executes all connections regarding electric installations. Use of electric energy larger than what is agreed upon (exhibition spaces of 4-5 m2 are provided with connections of 300 W, exhibition spaces of 12,25 m2 500 W), is charged a flat rate according to the amount and power consumed. The Exhibitor must allow the passage of installations necessary for technical and decorative arrangement of the pavilion of exhibition space of other Exhibitors. Labor executed on the arrangement of exhibition and advertising spaces must be completed at least 4 hours before the official opening of the Fair to visitors. The Exhibitor must report reclamations due to eventual deficiencies of the exhibition spaces to the Organizer in written format immediately after taking over the space, no later than 4 hours before the opening of the Fair to visitors. Subsequent reclamations will not be taken into consideration. Exhibitors must attend to the disposal of their waste inside the exhibition space and are obligated to dispose of it in the provided areas. If such is not executed upon the dismantling of the exhibition space on the last day of the Fair, the Organizer will execute this in behalf of the Exhibitor and Invoice him/her for this service.

10. Other Fair services

Protection and insurance – basic nightly space protection during the non-operational hours of the Fair are included in the price of each m2 of exhibition space. The Organizer is not responsible for eventual damage if the Exhibitor did not insure his/her own exhibition space; the Exhibitor is obliged to compensate for eventual damage. In case of damage (theft, impairments and similar), the Exhibitor must report the incurred damage to the nearest police station as soon as possible.

Exhibition accreditations – exhibition accreditations are valid from the very first preparation day of the Fair to the last day of dismantlement, and are insured by the Fair Organizer.

Sales – direct sales on exhibition spaces are allowed, and the Exhibitor is obliged to prepare all necessary documentation required by the authorized inspection departments in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia. The Organizer is not responsible for incomplete documentation; the Exhibitor is entirely responsible for documentation.

Exhibitor catalog – including the Exhibitor in the Fair Catalog on the page where all Exhibitors are listed is obligatory and free of charge. The Exhibitor must deliver exact details for entry into the Catalog to the Organizer at least 30 days before the beginning of the Fair. If the Exhibitor would like a special advertisement in the Fair
Catalog, he/she must contact the Organizer at least 60 days before the beginning of the Fair. The Exhibitor bears the charges of the advertisement according to the Organizer’s valid rates. The Exhibitor must authorize the advertisement, and after authorization the Organizer will not be held liable for possible errors. The Exhibitors are strictly forbidden to publish any catalog without the Organizer’s knowledge.

11. Final provisions

The Organizer will deliver the “General Exhibition Conditions” to each Exhibitor, which must be read by the Exhibitor. With any disregard of the Exhibitor toward the general conditions, the Organizer has the right to remove the Exhibitor from the Fair without the possibility of reimbursing eventual damages. In case of a dispute between the Exhibitor and the Organizer, the actual competent court in Zagreb is authorized for such a matter.

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