Dear Exhibitors,
In agreement with the organizers of the PLACE2GO INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR, we are sending instructions on how to register yourself and your associates in the PLACE2GO 2023 App and use all functionalities in order to better present yourself to potential users.
In case of any questions regarding the use of the PLACE2GO 2023 application, feel free to contact us by email  or by phone +385915119254
Exhibitor registration in the PLACE2GO 2023 App
1.     Receiving e-mails with a QR code and information for registering and downloading the PLACE2GO 2023 App to e-mail address of the exhibitor,
2.     login to the PLACE2GO 2023 App with the exhibitor’s email,
3.     receiving the OTC code to the exhibitor’s email,
4.     entering the OTC code in the PLACE2GO 2023 App,
5.     entering the application and editing the profile,
6.     using the PLACE2GO 2023 App.
In case of logout from the PLACE2GO 2023 App and re-login
1.     In case you of logout from the PLACE2GO 2023 application, re-enter the e-mail with which you registered and then repeat the steps “Exhibitor Registration in the PLACE2GO 2023 App” from steps 2.-4.,
2.     enter to the PLACE2GO 2023 App.
3.     If attendees do not log out of the PLACE2GO 2023 App, they can still use all the functionalities.